Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Old Kentucky Home

Currently I am having flashbacks to three years ago, when I was in a very similar position to now. I'm in Almo, Kentucky at my uncle's home, a couple days away from Urbana. Way psyched. That's me. So much has happened since then- and I wish I had my father to hug goodbye again right before leaving.

Wednesday was a wonderful day, even though it was my first birthday without dear old dad. It began with an early breakfast at a diner with a friend, sitting and chatting about East Asia and religious things that bug us as well as a few old hometown memories. A short stack of pancakes with candles was brought out, and the resident old-guy-morning-coffee-drinkers as well as 4 guys from my church who give great hugs sang a sad rendition of happy birthday (which was hilarious). I love smalltown America. People being nice even though I'm a stranger, speaking English, and even teasing me the way old farmers do.

For lunch, my grandparents took mother and me out for some great cafe food where the waitress called me 'birthday girl' for two hours. It was good to be with family again.

And finally, once everyone got out of work, a few dear old friends (I've known Allison the longest- 15 years maybe? Rachel 6? Maribeth and Susan 8?) took me to Applebees (yes, the only place open later that's not a bar- well it is a bar, though...) and we talked about our lives, reminiscing and getting excited just being together. This is one part of my birthday that I have grown to love since college began- since it is near Christmas, people are off from school and mostly home, so I get to see them! Too bad we're all finishing with college now and moving away... it's especially sweet to be with them in knowledge of the great changes pulling us apart. I wore one of dad's old shirts (can you believe he wore that?) as a way of both enjoying his awesome clothes and remembering him. I've always loved his 70s style.

I'm especially glad to have been able to be with Susan (on the other end) again the other night. She spent almost a year working in several places in Southeast Asia, and it's just so good to have someone to share the experience with, even though she never went to China and I only went to China. We spoke of DVDs, being tall, being vulnerable, wanting to hop on a plane to go back, talking the talk, and all the gorgeous sights we miss...

This morning I spoke Chinese with someone! It was odd to be seen as one who really knew the language...I'm so used to being around native speakers and barely understanding what they're all saying.

Merry Christmas


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


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I can't believe I went out after a concert and the night before our two last concerts of the season.

I must have done something right, though, because I still had a voice the next day.

It's three days later that my voice began to go...

The Crew

The Crew
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Blogger working again in China!

Alrighty then. We're back.

xinqi yi wo hui meiguo! Monday it's back to Chicago--Michigan--Kentucky--St. Louis!

I'll look into getting some pictures on here for those unprivileged enough to not have the time or the access to my pix...