Friday, June 08, 2007

For Amber


Only...3 months since the last post here! Yeah, Amber, sorry about that. I have been posting to since in China I had a lot of problems with blogger working.

It's Saturday here, which usually means a wild time with turnover in the morning, a massive leftover lunch (all the goodies from the week are served one second time for pick-and-choose, and fabulous icecream sundae time), and then registration begins for the next week of campers.

Today I had a little break, listened to some of Ram Sridharan's messages on my deck in the sun, and wrote a bit. It was good. Especially after last night's extended nap. I had planned on sleeping about an hour then joining some cribbage-playing with a summer crewmember who left today then hanging out with the folks camping out at Sandy Cove... but instead I slept for 12 hours...

Talk about tired. Getting better. I'm starting to make some changes so as not to be so burdened by the insurmountable work load- all of which is impossible to do, and neither am I responsible for it all. It's not too different from some of the things that used to happen at PVM, but the structure is more intricate here (more departments) and my position is quite a bit different as well.

Lessons, lessons, every day new ones. I happen to be the liaison for the fun committee. That's fun.

Alright, that's all for now. Maybe I'll make the next update in less than three months.

Or perhaps just put a link to xanga