Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Moving to a new apartment with a malfunctioning computer resulted in my choice not to get internet access quite yet. Good thing, in a way, because it reopened my eyes to what it's like to be 'net-less at home. The days go by so quickly, and are so concentrated on the here and now, that although I do miss the easy ability to send an email to someone overseas or see pictures of another friend's latest adventure, I don't miss the way it really sucked my life up in blocks of time I didn't even realize had passed.

That said, the computer is pretty much brand-new again and I'm overjoyed that I can get my homework done and keep my music up loud while typing! Once I get it, that is. Another week or two and I'll probably even have the internet again. Dang, it was hard not being able to type my thoughts out - I had to relent to pen and paper methods :)

So I'm sorry, friend, if you have felt I've been gone. I have. Not just for you. But things are falling into place and after my cousin's wedding this weekend in Louisville and the audit next month I am sure things will calm down. I can just feel it.