Thursday, June 26, 2008

Living a bit too fast

I haven't had time to get out my camera lately.

Most of the time, I can't even remember where I put it.

So much of the experience can't be caught on a screen, that I don't feel too badly about missing those snapshots. Just take the still frames in my mind and enjoy the moment while it's there...

Ah, finally the weather is summer up here! Mid-upper 70s is plenty high for me. And the Smells! There's something tantalizing about the smell of a breeze coming in the window that's come from the lake then through trees and fresh-cut grass.

Funny short story- On Tuesday I rode the 9 miles or so to the dunes down the road, having left at 10 am without sunscreen. Did I have even an inkling of the damage the beautiful warm sun could do in the hours I lay with my book reading on the beach!? Of course not. The last hour I sat with my very burnt arm in my shirt while I held the book for the last 50 pages in the other hand and turned pages. That's pretty much the way it was, because although I tried to sit in the shade, the air was still too cool for my crisp arms. On the ride home at 4:30, where was the sun? Shining on none other than the crispier arm, of course :) A nice couple in the roadside park gave me some sunscreen to help a little, then when I returned I raided my absent roommate's medicine drawer for her Aloe.
The arms are still a little burnt, after many liberal applications of lotion, but I do have some nice unburnt lines on the wrists where hair-ties live. Not that I need them anymore, with the new 'do!

Happy Thursday, all (-;

Monday, June 09, 2008


It was an incredible sunset tonight. The water was like wavy glass, the air smelled like buds bursting into flowers, and the temperature was just right for walking barefoot in the sand.

Been a long day, but a good one. I just got back to camp from a little stint in the hometown, and getting my act back together with an assistant to boot has been in interesting transition. Gwen held the reins a bit while I was gone last week (and reorganized the desk! Something I hadn't done since I started...) and we're beginning to get past the orientating stage...

Getting really jazzed about the summer to come - there are some pretty wickedly awesome crew, staff, and interns here, hungry to grow, eager to serve, and of course psyched with the in-your-face community of amazing people. And I get to be on the end of encouraging growth! Oh wow. It pretty much rocks my socks, that part of the deal does. Don't know why, but I still get surprised when God answers prayers for blessing and growth and people...He always comes through in sweet ways. Letting me hit my feet on lots of bumps, but leading beside the quiet waters too.

Read any good books lately? I just started an interesting one: UnChristian probably has some interesting reviews as well on the amazon page too.

So seriously - any good books lately?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Reading problem strikes again

All these books came the same day- and i have only 2 weeks left with them!

Vagabonding : an uncommon guide to the art of long-term world travel / Rolf Potts.
DUE 06-11-08 RENEWEDNow due 06-29-08 Renewed 1 time
Women travel : a Real guide special / edited by Miranda Davies and Natania Jansz with Alisa Joyce an
DUE 06-21-08
910.4 Wom
The Rough guide to Spain / Simon Baskett et al.
DUE 06-21-08
914.604 Ro
The namesake / Jhumpa Lahiri
DUE 06-21-08
Good news about injustice : a witness of courage in a hurting world / Gary A. Haugen.
DUE 06-21-08
BR115.J8 H388 1999
Express Yourself! the essential guide to international understanding / Michael Powell.
DUE 06-21-08
395.09 P885
Shantaram / Gregory David Roberts.
DUE 06-24-08
Fic Roberts 0

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Before the fog

Before the fog, originally uploaded by sarah_laughingguts.

Life can be rough at camp in the sauna...