Thursday, September 06, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation...

August 30~Thursday - drive Vanesa and Aron to Ann Arbor friends, and say goodbye to Cedar summer

Friday - lunch with old friend Maribeth in Marion, drive to Pleasant Vineyard and blessed sleep at the Bennett home

Saturday - PVM visit and hugs, bowling with Lance and Kat, chili dinner at PVM, introduction to "The Office" British version (Finally, I know...)

Sunday - visit Cobblestone, then off to Cincinnati dinner and fireworks with Kat and Lance, joined by Matt and a surprise, Will! Parking at Newport poses a huge obstacle for returning, and we end up sitting with Louie in traffic for a couple hours of good conversation

Monday - After a partial night of sleep, Lance brings me my cellphone and I'm off to Michigan again after another visit in Marion with Sarah and Amy from Cedar

Tuesday - Hangin' with mama, dinner with the grandparents and teaching computers

Wednesday - Hangin' with mama, going shopping, watching the new flick about Jane Austen (very good)

September 6~Thursday - Fly to Portland, Oregon for a weekend with Jon, Annalyn, Caleb, Erica, and whomever else shows up randomly.

Saturday - Hangin' with Erica, checkin' out the local scene

Tuesday - Fly back to Chicago and see who there is to see there

Friday - show up for work at Cedar Campus!