Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well what a surprise...

What's that you say? You say today is ... Saturday?
Goodbye! I'm going out to play! (good ole Shel Silverstein and Fine Arts Festival recitations...)

I'm glad it's not Saturday. It's been Saturday for about a month in my head here. No job, no schedule except those of the friends I'm with (which has been Mount Pleasant, MI; Huntington, Ft. Wayne, IN; Oxford and Camden, OH; Chicago, IL; Franklin, TN; Mayfield, Louisville, Almo, KY; St. Louis, MO...) and a few thousand memories and miles on the car to show for it.

Rest in the presence of friends has been good. Trying to figure out how to rest well has been a good challenge. Can I do it on Ohio Court? Not very well, it seems. So many memories, so much work. But then again, grief is work. And trying to get out of that is not what I want to do.

So where to go? I can't just traipse about the countryside, dropping in on friends and family indefinitely, taking them up on their offers of hospitality (which are much appreciated, thank you!)- the bills for school will start coming in soon, and I will have to start paying them!

It just so happens that God has shown a direction yet again...more on that later, though, it's time for bed!


Danny said...

Yes, Sarai, It is I!

Dan the Man, former PVMer aka themysteryunveiled... alive and well in Fort Wayne... blogging away as if I had nothing else to do... praying and worshipping at IHOP. Yep, It's me. :o)

Justin Ray said...

Hi, Sarah--

I'm glad it's not Saturday, but for a different reason. I'm glad it's not Saturday because it's FRIDAY and on Friday I have a whole twenty-four hours of SATURDAY to look forward to!!!

By the way, I just realized that you had a blog... realize that by making that public, I have put myself out there, and I could suffer great redicule for my slow logic. Mercy, mercy! Have mercy on me!!