Saturday, October 11, 2008

no pictures

because I look like a melting mess. The heat coupled with emotional woes and technology breakdowns...

the night in the nairobi airport sans the checked bag would have been fine. Or making it not onto the 8am but the 8:30 am flight to tanzania.

but really, leaving my bag in London after saying they'd have it in nairobi? I could have made the flight last night if not for that blasted bag.

So yeah. I'm still in nairobi. But checked in for a flight to tanzania. Oh yeah. Had to buy that ticket.

This is Africa.

As it gets worse progressively, my hopes for reunion in Tanzania rise.

I might just melt into a slobbering mess.

egads. I hate these stupid emotions...sleeping a few hours out of the past 30 I know is in part to blame.

So yeah. There's an update for you all, my dear friends who I miss and wish that one of you were here with me.

Misery loves company...and even though I've run into dozens of people extremely aggitated at flight situations, I'm still jealous of those that have been able to face it all with a friend at their elbow.

That's not a good enough reason to get married, is it? Because if it is, sign me up!



kelly said...

just remember if you marry the wrong person, you will have someone at your elbow who is hopefully too polite to say "it's your fault that we're here" but will imply it with every gesture and comment. Marry someone who will laugh with you and tell you that it's OK, and love you even if it was your fault and not his!

hope you make it to Tanzania soon. My flights to and from Liberia (on Air Nigeria - not recommended!) were awful, but once I got there and met my missionary and got some sleep I liked being there...

Gwen said...

oh sarah. what an all to familiar story. i have decided that the nairobi airport is just about as bad as they get. i had two experiences there and zero good experiences there. blahhhhhh. i bet i know right where you posted that update from because i sat in that very same internet cafe writing an email about the abusrdity of flight mess ups i had to deal with not too long ago. so that practically makes us twins :) i'm glad you got there :)