Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Almost Turkey-Time!

This will be my second Thanksgiving spent out of the United States...

I'm not sad about it, but this does have me thinking about what next year(s) may look like. Time for family, right? Right. And I just keep getting a older each year. Funny thing, that.

I do love all this traveling, and sharing the experience with new and old friends. Particularly camp friends. But I wonder. Will this be the trend as those years continue? Will there be a person who's going to join with me in these adventures, maybe a home for children?

And when I return, it's not looking like it will be to the same community, but to a new one. Starting all over, building a home and family with the people nearby...

Whew. Talk about personal. It's getting sticky in here. But that just might be this Dar Es Salaam heat.

Comments, questions, concerns? Send me an email, friends!

Until next time.

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