Saturday, June 06, 2009


I'm pretty sure I haven't blogged about this yet, but since biking around at Cedar in the summer/spring/fall, I've decided that this form of physical exercise is very enjoyable to me, mostly for the following reasons:
  • Cycling is much better for the knees and my metalrod scoliotic back than running
  • Since I shouldn't really be running but still like being cooled by speed, walking isn't enough but biking is way better
  • You can go farther biking and feel more accomplishment. A long ride for me right now is 20 miles
  • It smells so good to be outside (unless allergies drive you inside, I really have a hard time understanding why people choose the gym)
  • Even when it's hot out, if you're biking it feels cooler!
  • As a form of transportation it's much cheaper than driving, especially around town. Problem is nighttime...
And now the local fresh strawberries call. More later!

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Sarahhh said...

Check that...a long ride is now officially 40 miles!
I'll get to that Kal-Haven trail yet. Figuring out how to put sleepgear on the bike might prove to be interesting though...