Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I've been worried about you...

That's what Mr. D said to me a couple weeks ago after staff meeting. After seeing the perplexed look on my face, he went on to explain that so often when he first knew me, I was smiling and laughing. Lately he hadn't seen that glow about me.

Hadn't even noticed. Actually, what I noticed was myself feeling a little better lately. The past couple weeks I had worked hard to be more involved, working and playing harder and showing the spark. Granted, this fella doesn't see me that much, but it brought me down a bit to think that for someone who had appeared so nice and encouraging I was beginning to wither and smile with faded eyes.

He encouraged me to make sure I get out there and have fun, because all work and no play makes Sarah a dull girl...So with a smile I told him of my plans for the weekend.

A week later he was laid off.

How quickly things change, don't they? 'Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die' is a little bit of the feeling we have when others we grow to depend on (or ourselves) get laid off/fired/given life-altering news.

So I'm encouraged to remember what's important. To act when thoughts come, not just to simmer on them until the outcome is highly likely to be exactly what I desire. Because we all know there's not enough time in the world for all that. So carpe diem. Make sure you take hold of that day you have, figure out what you're supposed to do with it, and do that. And again tomorrow. And again tomorrow.

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