Monday, November 01, 2010


Unless you've been living in a hole (or outside of TVland coverage) you know that it's almost time to see you at the polls. I'm frantically researching who to vote for since I still haven't decided all the people I'm going to vote for.

One person I do know I'm voting for, however, is my cousin, Kristie. She's in a different sort of election. She's an elementary school teacher working on a severely restricted budget in Michigan. She decided to try and get a small grant from Dole to help pay for classroom supplies and fruit for her detectives to snack on.

She's an amazing teacher. Totally fit to the wee ones she educates. So would you be so kind as to click this link and type the letters to validate your humanness? 30 seconds should do it. And you could vote every day if you were so inclined. Or share the link. Or both :)

Vote for Kristie

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Sarahhh said...

Did you vote for my cousin yet???