Monday, September 11, 2006

Nimen Hao...

Hello friends!

I just finished my first day of class, which included dreary rain, 2 chinese classes, and Chinese community&social development...

I am having a problem with popcorn (as in, eating it), even though it's not as good here (for some reason doesn't pop well) and I should be eating chinese, not expensive american goods.

One point, though, for the good, are the two kabobs I had from a streetvendor and the jiaozi (dumplings) at a hole-in-the-wall place today. Mmmm.

Today, I felt like life was normal as I sat at my desk, drinking a latte (from a package, it's popular to drink instant coffee here...) and reading my text for class. What a sweet feeling. Of course, though, immediately I thought of how it's not normal, and never will be again.

I'm in Shanghai, China, and have been in China almost 3 months (that's a quarter of a year!). I'm going back to the states only after spending half a year here and will experience major dissonance, having grown attached to China which is half a world away from USA in terms of distance, and incomparable in terms of cultural difference, really. And the family back home will only keep feeling more different as family members go home to eternity, like uncle ron, grampa, and dad... I realize in coming to a foreign country I signed up for major screwing up of the senses. I feel for you who have spent time abroad as well!

But enough pity party on a blog- the good news is I've been seeing over and over that here (china) is where I am supposed to be. It takes time to adjust to this new life in Shanghai, of course, and it is nice having a little more background than most of the beginners in my class (which numbers something like 12 students in the first, and 6 in the second class)

I can tell already that my english is going down... (props to Clare on that one)

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