Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh, friends...

What goodness it is to hear from y'all now and then.

Krista, thank you for the exciting comment! I hope you do. I know where you should go, too :-) I'll see you at Urbana, right? Only 97 days!

I'm learning an overload of Chinese- or am supposed to. First test on Monday. There will be listening, speaking, and writing (not pinyin, but characters, of course...) I haven't actually counted - since I'm not feeling that nerdy - but I know for sure we are to know at least 50 characters so far. Seems like we've learned over 100 words too, in 2 weeks of classes. Whoa! So that's the result of 16 hours of instruction and 4 hours of tutoring.

Maybe Monday I'll know.

Until then, though, I have plans to make snickerdoodles (tentatively), visit a bookstore and the hugigantic library, and enjoy a little of this 'indian summer' weekend. The weather is hen piaoliang lately - very beautiful :-)

Adios muchachos!

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