Sunday, January 27, 2008

Book plug

I'm reading How to Learn Anything Quickly and let me tell ya, it's very informative. Combining what we know already a bit about - right and left- brainedness, the four major learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic), and what that means for whomever has those combinations that come of these pairings. It's already helping me see why it is that I don't get things sometimes - why it's difficult for me to remember things. Apparently I'm a tactile right-brainer, which means for me as a person that I'm prone to be very sensitive and think globally - I read people's body language and feelings more quickly than what they're actually saying...and on and on it goes, with precise and mostly to-the-point descriptions.

My secondary learning style is visual - I guess that's part of why I like to read so much! And just now it clicked - maybe this is why I would rather write someone an email than talk to them on the phone if I couldn't see them to talk.

So that's what's going on in this world today - that and saying goodbye to the first group of His House students on their winter retreat. After cleaning up shop this afternoon, a bunch of us went ice skating out to the shoals - it was amazing to look down through the 6-inch clear ice and see giant boulders not even 6 feet away beneath my hockey-skates! And wouldn't you know, the battery in my camera died without me getting any shots of it, today or yesterday either. It's about time to retire mr. A520, I'm thinking. Too bad. He served me well. And I don't want to hunt for another again.. Oh well. It could be worse.

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