Friday, January 04, 2008

My New Year

The eve of this new year, I almost forgot 2007 was leaving. Hah!

In spite of that, it was still one of the best. Farouk played 'Silent Night' on the saw, Robinson discovered the Americans knew his song from China (the song was to the english eye 'If you're happy and you know it'), Nathan burst the pin(y)ata, I had jiaozi (the real dumplings, from scratch in Chinese hands that have been in the US for only a few months), wonderful jiaozi, took pictures like a tourist, and even cried a bit because my new friends were about to leave me..

I still forget to write '08 on official documents. At least I know a lot of people do this :-)


Jamie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful new year! I hope I get to see you sometime this year. How are things going?

Sarahhh said...

Things are going pretty well! My roommate Catie and I have had the run of the camp for almost a week, as everyone went to a big staff conference- it's nice to have a quiet office :-)

But I'd love to hear about you too! Tell me- how are things out there by the coast?

amber said...

mmmm... snow. nice pics. looks like fun. my new years looked a lot more like the pic on lance's blog from last year- aqua beaches, banana shakes. pretty crazy.

Sarahhh said...

It was perfect here - I arrived the 25th to little snowpiles and lots of dirt. Then it snowed every day until the 2nd, when houseparty ended. And now, the snow is almost all gone again!

I'm a tad jealous of those banana shakes. Cynthia put up a picture of you! (

amber said...

yea, i put up cynthia's picture of me too! i'm such a moucher. you know i have too much internet time when i'm acutally holding conversations in some else's comments box.

Sarahhh said...

yeah well it takes two to have a conversation like this..

I hang my head in shame at the amount of internet time I least I have to be online for my job.. no wait. That's a bad thing.