Sunday, April 13, 2008

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

Interesting book I came across in my daily Powell's e-review (in these comments, a brief breakdown of chapters), one of the chapters talks about how the person who cares the least in a relationship wields the power. Never quite thought of it this way before, but when I think of my friends and family, and the different levels of connection we have to each other, I do notice it's true! The ones I wish I were closer to, well, they have the power to make it happen. Try all I might, I can't get them to spend more time with me or share more of their lives with me if they don't do it.

Conversly, there are some I think of that the people involved would like to be closer to me, and it's I who sets the boundary levels.

So today I've spent some time wrapping my mind around that simply obvious statement.. and I guess I'm glad to have it spelled out for me.

Happy Spring!


kelly said...

after reading that thought, which seems to be true on a human level, I spent last night wondering: does Jesus fit this model? Does he somehow lose his power by caring about people? Perhaps part of emptying himself - part of a deliberate yielding of his power? Or does he care about people in a different way?

Nice 'spring' shot. ;o)

Sarahhh said...

Hmm. Well he gives his power away..

But we don't have the upper hand over him, really, because God's power is infinite. Perhaps that love that he gives us is the only way we can love him back?