Monday, July 21, 2008


Sometimes I feel like I'm in a different country up here. For a month or so this summer, I did a pretty good job keeping up on the news, getting BBC daily updates, and in general hearing what's going on in the states too.

But as of late, I have missed most of the news about fires in California (all the poor rich people whose well-insuranced homes are in firepaths...), flooding in the Ohio/Mississippi watershed of Southern Illinois and beyond, and apparently now it's hurricane season?


Up here in camp-land, we're gearing up for the busiest time activity-wise. Since it's Pastors Seminar this week, that means they leave Friday morning and we have the place to ourselves for a delightful night! We'll be having out annual international dinner (there are 22 AMAZING recipes planned) and after that the Chatterbox (featuring our local international talent- in our very own Lundgren Hall!)

Chatterbox - Rec style

And that also means we have only 3 more weeks of all-out summer programming. Then the last Chapter Focus Week, a weeks' relative quiet, then Empty Nesters Camp!

Sometime after that is my own departure from this place. That's very weird. The past year and a half, it's gotten comfortable seeing people come and go. And soon I'll be the one going. Nice to have this shift in thought. This has definitely played a good role in my over-the-slumpness of the past few days.

How to make it time that will last, leave the effect it should, and yet still remain in the moment?

Thoughts for the days.

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