Tuesday, July 08, 2008

To the land of the Trolls and beyond

I am looking forward to a little break from camp-land this week. What a great thing, that I can reasonably leave it (camp, which as many of you know encompasses your entire life if you're there in the summer working..) behind for a week to visit family etc. and have little to no qualms about 'missing' something. I love this part of working in community. When someone isn't there, others pick up for them.

Just read a neat little article from this gal on what the point is of work in Christian-land...not to be glad for the numbers of people, but for the people themselves. Away from that impersonal statistic and back to the idea of relationships. I hate that about Christian organizations, and the way they feel they need numbers to get more numbers...they miss the point and I should feel sad for them instead of getting mad. I suppose. How's that for a paragraph.

Here's to visiting the hot land down under the bridge...Port Huron, Tennessee, and southern Michigan family reunion, here I come!

I'm really hoping to be able to put up more pictures soon. From 4th of July, sailing, and swimming in 47 degree Lake Huron!


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Thanks for the link! :) I hear ya!