Saturday, August 14, 2010


Physical recovery is pretty boring work, I think. Sure, there's some exercise you can do, but what I'd like to do is run around town - state - midwest.. Got to put down some more roots though. I know Kalamazoo isn't that difficult. Or maybe I'm just trying to convince myself of that.

My work is going well, albeit exhaustingly. Now that I have the internet at home it's going to be easier to go home at closing time but more difficult to let my personal computer continue to be used exclusively for personal and not employment use.

But back to recovery. I went to the doctor on Thursday. He told me that when I find a doctor in my new home it's not likely that there will be much in my chart (which is about 1/2" thick if that) that will be really useful for them. My last visit had been for scabies which had been got in China in 2006. I was so embarrassed at the time. Anyway, pretty much all that bulk was from my medically uneventful and healthy childhood.

I'm glad to have been relatively healthy outside of that little major back surgery thing 13 years ago, but it has made dealing with sickness more difficult - for me, anyway. People who are sick more often have to have learned how to cope better than me! Or they've got to be truly miserable. Since I returned from China in '06 I've experienced facial woes like I'd never had before. It's probably from that fateful day we ate at the fancy vegetarian restaurant where they made fake chicken fingers out of tofu. Just the annoying kind that most teenagers learn to deal with. Never had to wash my face much outside of showering, and I didn't know what I was being blessed with! Now I have to wash with Aquaphor twice a day. And since Africa the allergies seem to have increased too. Hardly ever had hayfever before. Must be getting old quicklier ;-)

One nice thing about this recovery thing has been the 1 month subscription to Netflix. It's been so nice to just lay around watching movies. Scratch that. I've Loved watching the Firefly series for the first time and can't wait to be with friends who love it more than I to watch Serenity.

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suzanne said...

Awww!! poor Sarah! I love you so much!!!