Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Riding Part I

I've lived here for too long now to have a good excuse for not having ridden about town yet on the bike. Last year I probably logged 200 miles in the summer riding about the Amish countryside, getting berries, over the hills to grandmother's house. And now it's past the middle of August. Haven't been out on the bike once other than a test ride for possible chain fall-off check.


So this is it. It's a bad post, I know, since not much time has been spent on it, but I'll share with you my favorite pandora radio station, how about that? It's totally free and if you've not been introduced allow me. Type in the name of a couple songs or bands and the station takes off, playing music the system thinks you'll like. You're welcome to skip a number of times, give thumbs up and thumbs down, and the station gets 'smarter' accordingly.

I love it.

You'll hear from me post-endorphinized.


Jamie said...

have you downloaded the pandora app for your iTouch? its nifty!

Sarahhh said...

I have, and I agree!