Tuesday, December 14, 2010

for Caleb

This post is dedicated to Caleb, my little amazing friend. He turns 4 tomorrow. I eagerly awaited his birth since the day I first knew about it in summer 2006. A tightnit group of Americans working with English-teacher hopefuls in China, we all considered ourselves like aunts and uncles to our own little 'Heartbeat'. Heartbeat turned into a bouncing baby boy, then a beautiful toddler, and now a precocious and boundary-testing 4-year-old.

Although my days are spent working with parents, Caleb reminds me of the joy children bring. Yesterday a sweet 2-year-old died in a bad car accident not far from my home, her little sister will remain unborn, and her mother teeters on the edge of death. I grieve for that situation, and have to stop myself from feeling bitterly toward people (even myself) who complain for things so much smaller than loss of life, and have negative outlooks.

All people are a gift, particularly delightful when they are tiny ones. I'm so thankful that Caleb has come so far, from being a tiny miniscule speck to a couble dozen pounds and so smart, laughing, and smiley. Thank you God for reminding us of joy in the midst of suffering. Wholeheartedly I can't help but believe there is more to our lives than a beating heart that one day stills.

So thank you Caleb. I'm excited to see the person you're growing into.

Playing on the beach

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