Friday, December 10, 2010


This year it seems like winter took a little longer in getting here, but we didn't really notice that it was not until December 1 that there was any significant snowfall to speak of. Someone told me that normally we have had about 8 inches of snowfall in the month of November.

Silent night...

Might explain why now on the 10th of December I am still very excited about the season. It doesn't hurt that skiing, ice skating, and sledding (as well as people to drag along with) are within an arm's grasp. This winter hockey is on the agenda (watching, not necessarily playing) as well as snowboarding.

an unsurvivor
This little guy wasn't so excited about winter. But I have to admit, he was placed in this position post-mortem. He died in a nice warm(ish) attic!

What's got you excited this weather season?

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