Monday, February 21, 2011

Iced Out

It's lovely to have friends all over. Yesterday there was a massive ice/snow storm that dumped about half an inch of ice and several inches of snow on my homeland. Not even sure there's power at my apartment. Which is why I'm staying put elsewhere!

Tried to talk my mother out of lunch yesterday since she lives an hour away, but we compromised and met halfway. It took us each double the time to get there.

The fantastic part is we're celebrating Washington's birthday today, and my employer has given us a paid holiday. So here I rock, holding a cup of coffee and bundled up with two great protector-dogs (what I mean is they bark at any old thing and sound vicious but they're really just 70-lb babies) while surfing for something on a steal from Dealnews...

Who's who in this goodbye between mother and daughter?

'I love you'
-'Love you too'
'Take care -- Call me if you need anything, OK?'

Happy President's Day!

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