Monday, August 21, 2006


Sunset over Tianjin

Well, things are falling into place here- Hopefully today I'll get my ticket to Shanghai. Did you know plane tickets aren't that much more expensive than train sometimes? Like now? It's amazing. So I'm flying to Shanghai. It will take less than 2 hours, as opposed to the way I was going to go, by train, which was about 12. What a difference, eh?

I've been at Clare's for a week now, and getting the hang of life in Tianjin a little more. It's so different from Guyuan. But even with all the perks of a big city, I think I will continue to prefer the small-town. Maybe living in Shanghai will change that. But then again, maybe it will just confirm it.

This second homestay is amazing- two Chinese roommates and 2 American roommates, although Leslie is pretty much moved out, and she's basically Chinese anyway. She's been here about 5 years and is getting married in early October to a Chinese man.

Melissa is the other American, from of all places Ohio. She reminds me of Brittany, my dear Brittany. She teaches English and is athletic. She played volleyball in college. Her personality is very laid back, but she is persistent when she really wants something done. Like the light switch to start working again, or the refrigerator to stop leaking.

Jennifer is the other Chinese besides Clare. She is a teacher assistant at the international school here, and very sweet. She's very responsible too, being the eldest child and helping support her parents and other brothers and sisters. She likes to tease Melissa, and they sometimes sound like an old married couple. It's quite humourous.

As for me, I've been spending my days either volunteering at the orphanage nearby, reading, writing, or trying to get pictures online. It's very relaxing. And yesterday we had spaghetti for dinner, complete with mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic bread. Reminded me of dinner with mom, dad, gramma, and grampa. Thanks for the memory!

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