Monday, October 09, 2006

Like a College Student

Just now, I'm in the middle of a sugar high from my roommate Jackie's carepackage from the states: Krackle, Reese's Cups, and Kisses, oh my.

Last week, Lance was here and we visited Zhouzhuang, the number 1 watertown. I hope he puts up the pictures soon. He's so good at getting shots. And even though he was a little cranky (it's a lot more expensive and a different world in Shanghai than Changsha or Loudi) I really enjoyed being a good hostess for him. Makes me wonder about doing something like that for a job someday...floor mom at an orphanage or something!

This week, it's chinese test #2. I have to have something like a 10 minute dialog with a classmate, talking about studies, why we're in China, and other creative things (more points for more creativity). I can hardly believe I'm supposed to know this much Chinese. Speaking, pinyin, characters, structure; there are so many parts to it! Even if I knew how to speak, I'd still be crippled because I can't even read a menu. It's quite a challenge.

In other news, my first piece of mail from the states came in! From Philadelphia, of all places. Thanks a zillion, Amber. A little letter packed with words of goodness for the soul of a friend.

I wish I could connect deeper. But then again, it's always like this. Being in a foreign country just magnifies some things. It takes time to solidly build a good friendship. I just hope that's what's happening here. There are a few I hope to hang on to when I leave this place in December. It sure would be nice to visit them in the states someday. Did I mention Erica is from Hawaii? ;-)

I'd like to figure out how to drop these walls. To really risk vulnerability. Not just my own walls, but share and be shared with. And really appreciate what I'm hearing. I'm reading a book right now, Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Goldman Gelman, and she mentions how she shares tough, real things about herself to get through the chitchat that happens early in normal relationships, since time is limited to really get to know people. I definitely agree with that part. I wish I did it more- it's what is at the heart of who I am, that tough stuff- that's what makes people, the things they live through. It's awesome.

Well, I'm going to try and get come pictures up...check 'em out!


amber said...

hey sis! i'm with ya on those language woes. i'm enjoying the learning process, but sometimes i feel like i can barely stay above water... my head gets so full its feels like its gonna start oozing out of my ears. hey! you got my letter! sweet action! hopefully i'll figure out how to get the tz-china snail mail system figured out. love ya!

Sarahhh said...

Yeah, you've got it worse than me! I'm hoping to figure out china-tz mail soon as well :-)