Monday, October 09, 2006

Roomies on the Bund

I forgot to mention these are my roommates: Kate, Noelle, and Jackie. We're posing on the Bund, part of the old French concession in Shanghai. Type in Bund Shanghai and you'll find plenty of better pictures of the JinMao tower and the Pearl TV Tower (the one that looks like a space-age structure)



sarahmysarah said...

Heyy Sarah
The building in that back with the ball looks really neat! What is it?
you look like you are having fun. I am glad :-)
Is this in Shanghai?
Love you Sarah,

Sarahhh said...

yeah, this is Shanghai, my sarah! My new home. That's the Pearl TV Tower, which is next to the JinMao Tower, which is the 3rd tallest in the world, I think...

I'm glad you're glad :-) I missed you this summer...