Friday, October 13, 2006


Today, I began to celebrate the weekend's arrival with coffee. Yes, delicious coffee. It's 'expensive' here, which means it's more than other drinks. But if you do the math and divide by 8, in USD it's not really all that bad.

Lunch was another scrumptius affair- I had spaghetti with mushrooms, sauce, and bacon bits and a side of Chai Latte. Oh international food!

It's crazy having it so readily available. This summer (which was excellent!) ice cream and water were the most familiar home things...and I think was a more authentic Chinese experience. But Shanghai- well now this is just a different place entirely. It's not your usual China big-city life, and even the locals go for foreign food all the time.

So really, I'm just embracing Shanghai culture when I go out for Hello Pizza or Taco Bell Grande...sure I am.



amber said...

mmmmm.... coffee. i had about an hour conversation with another trainee today as we hike down the mountain about traing to create a coffee roaster from the raw beans when we get to site. coffee's grown here, but people only drink tea or instant. i like both, but real coffee sounds scrum-didly-iscious!

Sarahhh said...

heck yeah it does!

I had apple juice today...fresh squeezed and my first time ever!