Saturday, December 15, 2007

A day in the life

With about 1/16 of a gallon left in our milk jug, I had a glass that was bad a few weeks ago. For some lack of reasoning, I put the jug back in the fridge to deal with it later.

A few days later, roommate Catie took the jug out, we talked about how we needed to throw the milk away, and she left the jug on the counter, again with some lack of reasoning.

A few days after that, I realized the jug was on the counter and beginning to bloat. I had a reason to leave it, though. Catie was the one who had put it out, and besides, wouldn't it be kinda cool both to see her reaction when she notices or even it the milk jug blew? So I left it.

Several days after that, Catie noticed.

She said, "Didn't we get that out like a week ago!? Ew. We need to get rid of it," and left it again.

Tonight, I walked into the apartment and smelled a truly horrid reek. I sniffed all over the apartment, only discovering that the smell seemed to be worse in the kitchen. Maybe it was our fridge? I'd been thinking we needed to clean out the fridge again... so I just sprayed the whole place with vanilla air freshener. It helped.

Not enough, though. And I heard this weird dripping sound. Figuring it was the sink, I didn't think much further of it. But I did call Catie to ask her to use her brain when she got home to maybe find out what the smell was. Something like rotten eggs or spoiled milk, I told her.

She remembered the milk jug. That's where the drip was coming from, making a pool on the floor- which explains why the spray didn't work well enough.


So here I sit with candle lit. And milk jug on the deck in the snow.

Maybe we're not as far away from college as we thought.

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