Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just about now

It sure would be nice to go dancing. Swing, maybe. Yeah.

Been thinking about seeing what's going on up in the Soo- it takes about an hour to get there, though. Now that it's winter, we've got awesome (snowy) weather. A little unpredictable sometimes.

I'm looking forward, though. To houseparty, when we've got international students from awesome places like China. And summer crew come back. It'll be like having a social life for 5 days. And to think, I used to wonder what houseparty was like up here, even fantasized a few years ago about maybe going to Cedar Campus for houseparty just after Christmas. Oh yeah. Forgot that memory.

Well here I am, and I've been recruiting crew, readying the website for next year, sorting pictures, and looking forward to photographer duties December 26-January 2.

I'm all smiles about that.

That, and all the books that just came in for me on interlibrary loan :-)

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