Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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In my spare evenings, particularly lately, I've taken to hunting for schools and learning all over again what the teaching situation is like in China.

Seems like it's gotten more confusing in recent years. I've pored through sites a lot since 2003, searching for possibilities, then stopped when I was in China the summer of '06. So much has changed! Even more, it seems, anyone and everyone who wants to travel to East Asia is seeking out teaching jobs. That puts me on my guard. I don't want to work alongside one of those people that doesn't care about education and is just looking to get as much as they can out of the setup.

It bothers me.

So I'm looking for a dream job. I know that. It's possible, isn't it, though, to make it come true? Of course there will be things (let's face it, a lot of things, and probably most things) that I won't expect and that won't go as I wish they would. I know enough about China and the way things usually work to know that.

But I still hope. Once I get in that classroom (well, in my city of work, really,) I can begin building relationships, which is where I really want to be.

Oh well. I guess every place has its issues. Just another thing to know...

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