Sunday, February 03, 2008

As I Type..

I can hear the Boogie Woogie in the background, just like gramma used to play for me. There's a woman here at the Traverse Area District Library who is playing her heart out on the floor below me.

A few pieces before that, she played Clair de Lune, another favorite of mine. I had to go stand closer and close my eyes, picturing the thoughts that music floats into my mind. I saw a boat gliding through the water of a big lake, sailing into the sunset. Not the end, but a beginning. So much promise.

That said, I am thoroughly enjoying my mini-vacation at Shanty Creek Resorts. I've been in the condo a total of about 10 minutes so far, as I've spent the weekend with friends Alex and DiAnn. Now it's just DiAnn and me here at the library, as Alex had to fly back to California about an hour ago.

Tonight I'm going to a SuperBowl party with DiAnn and her husband Matt, playing games and eating tacos as her dad watches the big game.

As I look out the window, I can see a man ice fishing on the lake, and a couple snowshoing along the shore. What a beautiful place.

Do I really want to say goodbye to all this? I suppose that's what vacations are supposed to be; oases in the midst of our chaotic lives, eh? A vacation is like a good friend. And even better with a few good friends, like Kat!


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