Saturday, February 09, 2008

A list.

Things I want to remember:
-looking out on the frozen bay - all times of the day
-walking and sliding across the bay to work and home again
-ice skating over black ice and sliding on my knees like the kids for the fun of it (and later regretting it - a little - because of the painful bruises)
-talking in front of the woodstove with one of those rare kindred spirits
-remembering yet again that tv will suck your brains out
-sitting in a windowseat while reading a good book
-wakening to the sunrise and seeing fog as the bay freezes
-my coworkers
-cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing any time I feel like it
-Canasta buddies!
-Cribbage buddies!
-eating venison killed by friends..
-seeing baby bobcats
-waiting for deer to cross the mile-long driveway every morning to work, and trying to get my camera out, capturing the babies and their mamas on screen
-Libraries with records of my ancestors
-live music by accomplished musicians who love what they do and play for free
-driving across the mackinac bridge over frozen ice
-white chocolate
-squeals of delight as I'm chased around my desk by little visitors
-sleeping peacefully

Alright- enough for now. See yous later.

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