Saturday, May 24, 2008


Edit from the last post. Apparently it was only 50 when I wrote that.

I did take a kayak out, and paddled straight into the wind as it continued to pick up...and I turned around when I realized my paddling no longer was pushing me further in. I just floated right on back, putting the paddle in the water only to right the kayak so I wouldn't tip in a wave.

What a week. We had 450 souls fed each day. It was nuts. This coming week, we're having about 80. Oh glorious 80! It'll be like Pleasant Vineyard days, when you just about knew everybody's name by the end of the week.

Speaking of endings- it's like another chapter is closing and I see before me blank pages. The InterVarsity staff that I have come to know and play with (and even dye my hair red with) said their farewells, having put in their 3 weeks of obligatory Cedar Campus time for the summer.

I am indeed being sucked in...

Thanks, friends, for sticking around and valuing me!

And congratulations to those two PVM couples marrying this week and next (or is it last week and this?)

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