Saturday, May 17, 2008


I just found out that this game group friends of mine are joining on facebook is also that one and only 'game without a name'...

This dear game, which I first played in summer 2003 is now known as Positron Omega.

I'll need some educating as to why this particular name was picked.

I've taught it to many people, the most recent being to some of last summer's crew.

At first, I was indignant. But this has me wondering, why? It's not like it was my game. There are memories associated with it, endearing it to me, but still it is the same game. A new generation plays it now, though, I suppose. The former years are gone, and it's not a bad thing that the name has changed. I'm feeling that passage of time, and like a crochety old grandmother, I don't want it to change.

I'm just telling myself that what's important is that people are playing it. And I do still know some of them.

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Jenn said...

Sarah! So sorry... We all had so much fun playing this awesome game a few weeks ago, and were looking forward to playing it again on our trip to the Smokies. Well, on the way down, one friend, Christian, asked if we could call it Positron Omega because he just thought that was a cool name and had always wanted to name a game that. (Incidentally, he's now thinking of naming a company that as well...) And he also thought of adding the pictionary round, so that it's really sort of a little different. So if you still want to call the 3-round version "the game without a name," go for it. So there ya go. But please join the group so that you can fill us newbies in on some of the history! And again, sorry... :-)