Monday, May 05, 2008


I had thought that I began a post already, but can't seem to find it. So in shorter version than my dream-post, I welcome you to consider with me the passage of time.. :)

Tonight I spoke for a few minutes to about 200 of our guests, encouraging them to consider the dirty work of Cedar Campus Crew this summer for themselves, putting themselves in a place to help prepare this place for others to come away. I began sharing with my own experience as a student who thought sure it would be nice, but was improbable for me. Look where thinking gets me: in charge of that very program!

Last night, my friend Lisa and I took the front, leading (I hope) the 30 gathered there into deeper worship through music. I didn't even realize it at the time, but it's a moment that will never happen again; and special in that the first time I came to this place, she was with me.

A few girls and I also got together and prayed spontaneously together that night as well, and what began as a plea for God to heal in a couple specific areas became a heartfelt desire, together, for his leadership in our paths of life. It is SO good to be in this place, serving where there opportunities clearly stare you in the face. For so many students in these Chapter Focus Weeks, the time is huge and extends far beyond the one week spent here resting and seeking and wrestling. What a privilege, responsibility, and honor to be a part of it!

And in the middle of all this, last week marked 2 years since my main man was taken from me. It wasn't as hard as the year before. And I am beginning to learn to shift the focus from dad's leadership to a higher leadership.

Later, gator.


kelly said...

that's cool. and I love the photo. even better in the RSS feed where Blogger didn't crop off the whole right side. the moon is beautiful!

Sarahhh said...

I'm glad it's better in RSS!

I tried to figure out if I could show the whole thing, but I have to change the parameters of the page entirely to do that, I think, and I definitely don't have the time right now to figure that out!

Don't you love RSS?