Friday, May 09, 2008

Doing it

I'm going to Africa!

Simply increible. :)

Beginning with a flight to Dar Es Salaam October 9th, it's going to be an extended journey with about a month in Tanzania and then Thanksgiving in Morocco; ending up with visit to a number of friends in western Europe. (Although this has been in the works for months, I can still hardly believe it's really happening)

Initial Fears - That I'll be one of those ignorant and abrasive tourists, harming more than helping; becoming homesick with all that traveling; or that I won't integrate this experience with my future and those in it.

Initial Hopes - Not so much to 'find myself' but to discover more clearly what I should be doing in the near and distant future; making contacts and friends toward that end; being a breath of fresh air and a blessing to those I encounter in this endeavor!

Today - I'm considering a call to Turkey and glad for hugs; searching for volunteer opportunities and thinking about going to nursing school..

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