Saturday, February 27, 2010

Like Dora from Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...swimming, swimming

And so I'm writing again, although I really don't want to be doing this on a Saturday afternoon. I'd much rather be reading Blood Brothers.

I've got some laundry in the wash and am getting ready for a quick little trip to Portland, Oregon. It also happens to be in my top-5 list of places in the US I would live if one could be chosen based upon how much I like the area. Portland, unfortunately, is situated 4 hours' plane ride and 2.5 hours' car drive away from most of my family in Michigan. And it's cloudy there a lot. Those are two big negatives in my mind. But on the positive side, it's not too far from the ocean, it's in the mountains, a few of my most favorite people live there, and the cultural scene is simply fantastic (Powell's, anyone?). It's definitely one of the most cycle-friendly cities ever; I am also a huge fan of the great job Portland has done on public transportation.

And the hunt for a home in Kalamazoo continues. I'm a little gun-shy since the longest I've lived in any area since graduating high school is 1.5 years and at this point I have been living in southwest Michigan now for a year. So buying is definitely not in my sights.

Will I bolt? No, probably not. But I'll definitely be hard pressed to not dream and scheme of ways to go away again. Here's to finding a healthy mix of travel, study, work, play, community, and solitude!

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