Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Preview - soon to be renamed

My next blog is going to be about processes.

I like to think that I'm all spontaneous and change plans/adapt at the drop of the hat. And it's true, I do think, that I will flex pretty easily. But more and more, it seems, plans need to be made (which are highly-open-to-be-adaptable) which take much longer than a few hours.

My current plan in place is one of caretaker independence. Every time I leave my hometown I get this sense of incredible glee.

And yet again we are on the cusp of one such occurrence. In a few weeks I am moving an hour's drive north to the great city of Kalamazoo. Each time it has been different, but each time including growth. Even the moving back to the hometown, slow as I am to admit it, has included growth in its experience.

So more to come on that note. I'm too tired to carry on tonight in this vein of thought.


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