Monday, February 01, 2010


IMG_4966, originally uploaded by sarah_laughingguts.

Oh, how I love beautiful trees. In my symbol-loving mind, when I think about trees, I think about interconnectedness, the need for light to grow, and the beauty of creation.

Which makes me think about where I want my own tree to grow. There has always been in me an awareness of root structure. Where your base is, your roots grow.

And the more you replant, the wider and shallower your root system. My roots are based in my hometown and the places my extended family lived while I was growing up. But my roots have branched out widely, dipping into China, Tanzania, the Upper Peninsula, southern Ohio...

Now, it seems, we come to another branch growth. Where to spend the next period of time's focus? Knowing as I get older, it might get harder to leave?

Questions aside, I still revel in the beauty of the tree. Those unexpected branches, those twists of vibrant persistence, that healthy above-ground vision that hides an intense network of undergrowth deep down.


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