Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On the move.. again!

Watch that step...and that one...and that one...

It's still hazy, and the way is treacherous, but the way is up and there has got to be a top to this mountain!

The last time I made a big move was over a year ago now. And I didn't intend this 'pitstop' to be quite so long. After returning to the states after being gone for a couple months (and sort of missing the whole economy fall-apart and unemployment skyrocketing) my own lack of employment brought me up to speed pretty quickly.

So when I got a decently (albeit part-time) paying job in employment services, I was just glad to have a job. Then I was very pleasantly surprised to see that my main employment goal (a great work environment) was also met. Then I was so glad to find out I actually enjoyed what the job was. I helped people with minimal unemployment questions, pointed them in some directions toward employment, and directed them toward skills for getting said employment. Can anyone say computer skilz? Yep. I taught basic computer classes! Networking! And introduced many to the wonders of

So when my mother had some big health issues come up, I was glad to be near enough to her to not have to stop everything I was doing to go help. The part-time and very understanding employer gave me the time needed to be present for her needs too. And the past couple months we've been on the upswing toward wellness.

Then comes today. After months and months of searching online for jobs for other folks, I found a couple that I wanted to jump after myself. And through some naturally forged connections that the job made possible, I landed a good one.

So next Friday we're having a breakfast party (one of my favorite kinds!) and my dear coworkers are saying farewell as I move to the office up the street. I'm looking for a place in the Zoo and looking forward to helping a new set of people. This time they're mandated to come to me for case management, and since most of them come from generations of low-income city families, it's going to be quite the learning curve for me to come to a place where we 'get' one another.

Bring it.

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