Monday, February 08, 2010

Social Networking and Online Branding for Joe Shmoe

This is the title of my employment readiness workshop. Lately in my spare time at work (hah!) I have been surfing around a bit on LinkedIn and BrazenCareerist to understand a little more about this networking business.

Sure, I've been doing it for years through minimal blogging here, keeping up a photo site, and emailing; but really, I just started wading into the waters, reading blogs (from friends, friends' friends, and the generally interesting blogger) and occasionally commenting.

So I put it out there myself.. If you were to present to a group of dislocated workers (probably in their 30s-60s) a discussion or presentation regarding social networking, what would you do with it? Hit 'em with a lot of facts? Show them what a personal page or online professional profile looks like?

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