Monday, February 22, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

I've always wanted to 'be a writer'. And I decided long ago that I'm really not. I listened to those people who said you either are or you aren't. If you don't have the need to write... the feeling that you'd simply not be able to exist without writing, then, you're not a writer. No need to think further.

And so I discounted myself. Sure, I have abilities in the writing area. It's usually pretty easy for me to BS my way through things with writing. Or to answer questions in thoughtfully written prose. But actually being dedicated to it, spending time to research, to creatively write, and that dreaded word: EDIT are not things I would like to dwell on if I had the opportunity.

Because let's face it, I've had the opportunity. I lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan for one very long dark and cold winter, on the edge of a protected bay 8 miles from town. What did I do? I read. MEL was my best friend. In fact, he just may be my ticket. Maybe I can convince the State of Michigan's program developers for MEL to hire me.

Well anyway, regardless of what happens in that department, I am going to be more dedicated to writing at the least on this blog. One of the things Steven King wrote in his book On Writing was the importance of practice.

So if there's something that you want to do, my friend, go and do it. And don't be discouraged that you're not great at it from the start. If you enjoy it, then, at the very least you've found something you enjoy. Take it from a beginning runner: you can't run a mile at the start. But after a month or two, you can.

I have.

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